Curricula and Tools for Health Care Practitioners

The Healthcare System and Provider Education Committee was charged with four action items in the 2019-2022 Roadmap involving improving early detection and diagnosis of cognitive impairment, and improving the quality of care that people living with dementia receive.

Four workgroups of the committee worked in parallel from 2019-2021 to identify, review and make recommendations regarding dementia-related training and other tools for practitioners. Through that process the Michigan Dementia Coalition arrived at the following recommendations for curricula and tools that we encourage for primary care providers and other practitioners who serve or may otherwise encounter persons living with dementia in their work:


Dementia Diagnosis and Training for Primary Care Teams

Alzheimer’s Association

Clinical Education Center


Training for health care workers about dementia


A person-centered approach for dementia caregivers

ACB Calculator

Anticholinergic Burden ACB Calculator

Global RxPh

Medication Appropriateness Index Calculator