MDC Committees

The Michigan Dementia Coalition established the below committees to carry out the work of achieving the vision set forth in our 2019-2022 Roadmap.  You can click on the committees boxes below to learn more about the work each one performed between 2019 and 2023.

We expect to establish new committees to carry out the work of the new Roadmap that we will create for 2024 and beyond.

Provides leadership and strategic direction for the coalition.

Contact: Lisa Dedden Cooper at lcooper@aarp.org

Expands opportunities for improvement in recognizing and preventing abuse, exploitation, and neglect for all persons impacted by dementia. 

Contact: Fei Sun  at sunfei@msu.edu

Identifies needs of persons living with dementia and their families and solutions impacting the support provided to them.

Contact: Melanie Baird at mbaird@alz.org or Karen Willard at bluewaterlegalconsulting@gmail.com 

Enhances knowledge, skills, and practices of providers working with dementia patients, caregivers, and their families.

Contact: Joan Ilardo at ilardo@msu.edu 

Identifies shared and unique challenges of dementia among diverse groups and develops culturally sensitive and inclusive strategies to reduce disparities.

Contact: Vince Tilford at vtilford@hannan.org; Irving Vega at vegaie@msu.edu; or Brenda Roberts at broberts@miassistedliving.org

Develops legislative strategies to achieve the goals set forth in the Roadmap. 

Contact: Colin Ford at cjford@alz.org

Actively recruits, engages, and accommodates persons with dementia to fully participate in all aspects of the Coalition.

Contact: Brenda Roberts at broberts@miassistedliving.org

Develops strategic relationships and creative solutions to address dementia as a significant public health issue. 

Contact: Sally Steiner at steiners@michigan.gov or Katrina Summersett at ksummersett@PVM.org 

Develops materials and strategies for communicating about the work of the coalition. 

Contact: Scott Counts at scott.counts@hc.msu.edu or Lisa Dedden Cooper at lcooper@aarp.org