The Michigan Dementia Coalition is a group of organizations and individuals working together to improve quality of life for people living with dementia and their families. We are powered by our passion. Our vision is to make Michigan a dementia capable state.

Our most recent meeting of the Full Coalition took place on Friday, November 12, 2021.

You can watch a recording of it here: https://youtu.be/7PGh0W_OsfE

Agenda for 11.12.21 MDC Member Meeting.docx

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Watch a recording of our Friday, August 13, 2021 full coalition meeting HERE.

Watch a recording of our April 9, 2021 full coalition meeting HERE.

Members of the Michigan Dementia Coalition have expertise in many different areas, and some of us offer public presentations in our individual professional capacities.

Visit our Speakers Bureau page to find Michigan Dementia Coalition members who can offer talks on a variety of dementia-related topics.

MDC Speakers Bureau Press Release 4.12.21.pdf

Information about COVID-19 vaccine distribution is changing daily.

Visit the State of Michigan COVID-19 vaccine website to find out the latest information about the vaccines, including when and where to get them in Michigan. Get answers about the safety of a vaccine for dementia caregivers and people living with dementia from the Alzheimer's Association.

Michigan Dementia Coalition Co-Chairs:

Lisa Dedden Cooper

AARP Michigan

Jennifer Lepard

Alzheimer's Association Michigan

Scott Roberts

University of Michigan